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  • Fabian Vilers

    Dev One
    Fabian Vilers
    Founder & Owner

    I'm working on the technical design and the development of various in-house and startup projects using .NET and JavaScript technologies. I'm also speaker and trainer on .NET, ASP.NET MVC/WebAPI, Node.js, Angular, Meteor, JavaScript/TypeScript, development & testing best practices.

  • Ludovic Daix

    Ludovic Daix
    Project Manager

    It was a pleasure to work with Fabian because he is not only very competent in the .NET ecosystem but he is also always a source of proposition in order to answer the requirements of the "client" but also because he can work alone / autonomous when the situation requests it and come back in a team philosophy needs it.

  • Thibaud Desodt

    Direction Générale du Trésor
    Thibaud Desodt
    Development Engineer

    Fabian joined our small development team for 1+ year to give us a hand on our legacy and new .NET projects. In addition to being a very pleasant person to work with, he has provided us with great suggestions, recommendations and advice thanks to his very deep expertise and knowledge about the .NET ecosystem and agile software development practices in general.

  • Raphael Thys

    Raphael Thys
    Senior UX Consultant

    Fabian is not only a great developer, he also puts a particular effort in order to understand the design team goals and is always up to discuss and challenge ideas in order to always propose to the final customer the best solution as possible.

  • Laurent Dumont

    Laurent Dumont
    Web Project Manager

    I was responsible of a senior Web Development team at BeTV/VOO. Fabian was the technical genius, our geek who could solve any technical complex challenge thanks to his large knowledge of Web technologies/architectures and his very deep sense of creative analysis/investigation. Since this experience, I am convinced that any efficient Web team development must include a guy like Fabian.

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